Layzzzy is a mat with properties based on acupressure, which is known practice dating over 7 thousand years. According to Eastern medicine, our health is based on a balanced energy flow and disturbances in this flow are the root cause of various illnesses.

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1. Environmentally friendly/
100% recyclable

Is made out of 100% recyclable material. It does not have plastic cones.

2. Manufactured from singular high quality material

Material used for production has unique properties, i.e. high energy absorption, resistance to damage, thermal isolation, low water and chemicals absorption and high endurance.

3. Scent-free

Material used in production process is scent-free and does not absorb any odors.

4. Hypoallergenic

It's safe for People with allergies. It does not produce any allergens, which might cause immunity system response.

5. Customizable

Can be customized in order to fit your preferences. Surface area can be increased or decreased, accordingly to your needs.

6. Portable

It can be taken anywhere! Mat weights only 0.66 lb.

Our campaign is officially launched on